5 Reasons to Make Loco Lou's Your Pre-Stampede Stop This Year

Published 4 years ago

Anyone who’s ever Stampeded before knows how to do it right: You get a good buzz on before heading to the grounds so you don’t have to waste your money on overpriced beer or spend your time corralled in the beer gardens when you could be hopping on fun rides, eating deep-fried delicacies, catching the rodeo action, or visiting the barns. The seasoned Stampeder knows there’s no better way to start a day of excitement on the grounds off right than to enjoy a few cheaper cold ones off the grounds first. Not sure where to grab those pre-Stampede beers this year? Here are the top 5 reasons why Loco Lou’s is the perfect pre-Stampede stop for you and your friends!

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1. Beer Prices

Not only does Loco Lou’s have ridiculously low daily specials, including $4.50 pints of Grasshopper on Mondays and $5 bottles of Sol on Saturdays, but Happy Hour runs Monday to Friday from 3-6pm and all day Sunday, which means $3.75 domestic pints, bottles, and hi-balls. On top of it all, during Stampede we’re selling pints of Coors Banquet for $6.50 and bottles of Bud for $4.50. So no matter what time or day you’re making your way down to the grounds, we’ll always have a great-priced beer to offer.


Great beer at great prices. How could you go wrong?

2. Our Huge Deck

If you’ve never sat on Lou’s huge deck, you’re missing out. It’s the perfect place to relax on a nice, hot, sunny summer day. Our patio is super big, and it gets sun from morning to night. It’s the perfect place to grab a few beers, kick up your boots, and soak up some sun before diving into the bustle of the Stampede.


The perfect spot to soak up some pre-Stampede sun.


3. Our Awesome Staff

Not only during Stampede, but all year ’round, we pride ourselves on our fun and friendly staff. They’ll get your day started right with some laughs, good conversation, and awesome service. You might not even want to leave once you start hanging out with them, and that’s totally fine by us!


They’re not hard to look at, either.


4. Personal Space

Usually, when you make your way through Loco Lou’s, you’re not navigating your way through and brushing up against sweaty strangers, like you do all day on the Midway or at the bars near the grounds. We’re close enough to the Stampede grounds to be a convenient place to start, but far enough away that you can usually find a free table, and keep your personal space personal.


So much room for activities!


5. LRT Station Proximity

Last, but certainly not least, we’re only a 5 minute walk from the ACAD/SAIT LRT station, which will get you to Stampede Park in no time. You won’t have to try and find a parking spot downtown (which, by the way, is impossible during Stampede), and you’ll be hopping on the train outside of the core, so you might actually score a seat before it fills up.

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This could be you!

Making Loco Lou’s your pre-Stampede bar really is a no-brainer. You get to save some money on drinks, soak up some sun, avoid the crowds, hang out with our awesome staff, and you can hop on the train and head down to the Stampede so easily! We’re looking forward to seeing you!