Halloween Howler FAQs!

Halloween Howler FAQs!

Published 3 years ago

Halloween is creeping up on us quickly! And you know what that means: Our epic Halloween Howler party is just around the corner. We tend to get a lot of phone calls leading up to the big day, so we thought we’d address some of the frequently asked questions right here for you. Read on for more information on our Halloween Howler 2016!

Halloween Howler FAQs

When is the party?

Our annual Halloween Howler will be on Saturday, October 29th this year. Come any time you want! The DJ will start at 9pm.


Will there be a $1000 cash prize again this year?

As is Lou’s tradition, we’re one of very few bars in the city who still offer a cash prize (not a gift certificate for the bar you’re at, but real, hard cash) and we might even be the only place where you can win a whole $1000!


What time will the prize be awarded and do I have to be there to win?

We’ll be announcing the winner at midnight, and you do have to be here to win it, so make sure you stick around!


How do you decide on a winner?

We decide our Halloween costume winner based on a staff vote! So make sure you’re mingling and our servers and bartenders get a chance to witness the glory that is your costume.


Will there be drink specials?

There sure will! All night long, we’ll be slingin’ premium hi-balls (like Captain Morgan’s spiced rum and coke, Crown Royal and ginger, Smirnoff Raspberry and soda, etc.) for $4.00 and pints of Shocktop for $4.50!


Will I fit in Lou’s if my costume involves stilts?

This was actually a question we got a phone call about one year, and the answer is YES! We have super high ceilings and love to see crazy costumes like this! Just don’t fall down the stairs on your way out, please and thank you.


Is there going to be a DJ and a dance floor?

It wouldn’t be a party without our friends from Hype Entertainment spinning and room to dance! The DJ will be starting at 9pm and won’t stop until the end of the night!


Do I have to take my mask off when the bouncer IDs me?

Unless your photo on your license looks like Chewbacca’s furry face or Freddy Krueger’s melted mug, then yes, you will be asked to remove your mask for a few seconds while we ID you.


We can’t wait to see you and all of your amazing costumes on Saturday, October 29th! If you have any more questions, stop by or give us a call at 403-284-3366!