What’s New at Loco Lou’s?

Published 3 years ago

If you’re a long-time guest of our fine establishment, then you might have noticed that lately, things have been changing quite a bit around here. There’s lots going on, including new specials, menu items, and weekly events! And you know what they say: Change is good (but if you fear change, you can leave it in our tip jars). Check out the list below for just a few of the exciting changes we’ve been making around here.

1. Daily $4 Shooter Specials!

 fullsizerender 3

One for every day of the week!

Whether you’re looking for a tasty start to the night on Saturday, a quick hair-of-the-dog on Sunday, or even a mid-week pick-me-up on Wednesday, we have daily $4 shooter specials every day of the week for you now! Start your week off with a cold and creamy Marijuana Milkshake on Monday, pair your tacos with a Tequila on Tuesday, let good ol’ Burt Reynolds wash down your wings on Wednesday, get your Rockstar on on Thursday, bring out the big guns on Friday with some Jager shots, ease back into it on Saturday with a tasty Porn Star, and finish out the week strong with a nice, smooth Jameson. Did we mention they’re only $4?

2. We Love Wine!! (That’s not new… but our wine special is!)


I’ll tell you when.

We’ve taken a lot of pride in selecting delicious wines to offer our guests, but until lately they’ve been a bit overshadowed by our equally awesome beers and liquors. Well, not anymore! Now, our wines are in the spotlight and getting the attention they deserve with our new weekly wine special: $5 glasses and $5 off bottles every Saturday! 

3. Weekly NFL Game Giveaways!


Thursday football at Lou’s is a great date idea*

Every Thursday night throughout the NFL season, we’ll be giving away an official NFL jersey! All you have to do is be here, drink some Bud Lights, enjoy some football, enter the contest, and wait for your name to be called! We have a ton of awesome jerseys to give away, so make sure you’re here every Thursday!

*Loco Lou’s is not certified to give dating advice.

4. Music Trivia!


This could be you.

We just started doing Music Trivia Tuesdays and they have been unreal. With one of Hype Entertainment’s awesome DJ’s running the show, our enthusiastic guests getting right into it, and lots of Loco Lou’s gift certificates to give away, we have all been having way too much fun. We decided to make it a thing and will now be hosting Music Trivia Tuesday every second Tuesday! Get some music-savvy friends together and follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss the next one!

5. We’re on Snapchat!


Now you can follow us on Snapchat at LocoLous_YYC! It’s a wicked way to check out what’s going on at Lou’s in real time, plus we do Snapchat-only contests, so don’t miss out!

6. DJs and Dancefloors!

giphy 1

Our DJs might not be this adorable, but they make up for it in the actual skills department.

We now have awesome DJs from Hype Entertainment spinning every second Friday at Lou’s! If you’re not into the club scene, but you still like to dance your pants off on a Friday night, Lou’s is the perfect solution. Our DJs play a wide variety of music to keep everyone dancing all night. Make sure you follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss the next one!

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