Win a $1000 Travel Voucher at Lou’s Beach Party!

Win a $1000 Travel Voucher at Lou’s Beach Party!

Published 3 years ago

It’s the time of year again when winter in Calgary has really set in. We start our cars ten minutes before we go anywhere, we spend all day with hat-hair from wearing a toque on our commute to work or school, and we dream about warm, exotic destinations. Luckily, this time of year also means it’s time for…

Loco Lou’s 22nd Annual Beach Party!

Come escape the snow with us and keep warm by dancing the night away to awesome music provided by DJ PR1MO and sipping on $4.75 bottles of Sol and Dos Equis or $4.00 premium hi-balls!  It’s only $10 to get into the hottest party of the winter, and that $10 not only gets you in the doors, but it automatically enters you into a draw to with a $1000 travel voucher!

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With the Beach Party fast approaching, we’ve been day dreaming about what we would do with a $1000 travel voucher. Here are just 5 ideas:

1. Take your best friend for a party weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada!


$1000 would easily buy you two (or more) return tickets to Las Vegas. Right now, the temperatures in Vegas aren’t exactly ideal for poolside partying (although 15 degrees in Vegas is still better than -15 in Calgary), but you could escape the tail-end of winter and head there in March, when temperatures in Vegas average 19-24 degrees Celsius! 

2. Relax on a beach with a pal in Cancun, Mexico!

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Round-trip flights right now to Cancun from Calgary are around $500, and temperatures there are around 25 degrees Celsius! There’s nothing like frozen, numb toes to make you crave that warm, soft sand under your feet. 

3. Go explore Paris, France!


Visiting Paris at this time of year won’t let you escape winter, but it’s the off-season for tourism, so you would escape the crowds that usually swarm to all of the awesome attractions there! Return flights from Calgary are around $900 right now.

4. Fly to Edmonton and back 4 times!


We’re not saying you should, we’re just saying you could

5. Hike Machu Picchu!


Return flights to Lima, Peru are around $1000, so with this prize, you could head down to Machu Picchu and check that experience off of your bucket list! 

What would you do with a $1000 travel voucher? Make sure to get decked out in your best beachwear and come join the party on January 28th at Loco Lou’s for your chance to win!